Kippengrill dubbel Planetary 84P

Kippengrill dubbel Planetary 84P

For the simultaneous cooking of chicken and French fried potatoes in large quantities. In the upper disc as many as 6 rollers can be used for the cooking of French fried potatoes without oil (2.5 Kg for each roller). In the lower disc you may choose to cook a variety of different types of meats in the appropriate grills.



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  • Supporting structure in ribbed and reinforced stainless steel;
  • Patented cooking system with stainless steel reflectors and reflecting bars;
  • Dual Planetary system;
  • Interior light;
  • Removable gravy collecting tray in stainless steel;
  • Multigas burner with safety valve and pilot light;
  • 24 V motor-reducers;
  • Tempered glass fronts;
  • Temperature display;
  • Spits: in tubular stainless steel 12 x 12 mm; n° 6+6, mm 1115;
  • Dimensions: mm 1450 x 680 x 1230 h.;
  • Weight: 170 Kg;
  • Power: 100 W;
  • Thermal power: 26,5 Kw;
  • Consumption: 2,07 Kg/h GAS GPL;
  • Chicken capacity: up to 84 pieces of 1 Kg.
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